rootfs image making

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Nov 24 16:08:54 CET 2008

Christopher Hall wrote:
> There is an interactive script that uses scripts in qi, kernel etc.
> to do all the hard work.  I presents me will a command line interface
> that lets me run the appropriate part and asks permission for almost
> every thing since many items must be done by sudo.

Ah, I just run everything as root. Much easier ;-)

What I'm after is more along the lines of your, with the
image creation a separate step. If the chain gets complicated,
then a Makefile can take care of it.

> It should be easy enough to reuse these as I retain the root fs tree and
> the associated fakeroot database; so it should be just a matter of running the
> with the correct fakeroot command, just like I do for tar.

mkjffs2 is easy. Things are more complicated for mkext2 and mksd
since they use loopback mounts, which fakeroot doesn't emulate. I
haven't found anything that has the reverse function of debugfs'
rdump yet, but if all else fails, just doing this as root and
simply dumping the tar won't be so bad either.

Your rootfs builder looks really good !

- Werner

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