Problems Reading Accelerometer Device

Simon Kagstrom simon.kagstrom at
Wed Nov 26 21:04:20 CET 2008

On Wed, 26 Nov 2008 19:19:31 +0000
Andy Green <andy at> wrote:

> |> Strange,
> |> when I set the Accs to 8G I get what I want as you can see below.
> |> One measurement every 2,5 ms.
> |
> | I'm a bit slow today :-)
> |
> | What do you mean with setting the accelerometers to 8G? Were the
> | threshold zero before?
> I think he means the full scale setting which defaults to 2G but can
> be 8G.  Threshold would be a nice explanation for these 30ms dropouts
> but when he sets it to 8G it's harder for him to meet a threshold
> since each step in the results is worth 72mG not 18 any more.

Aha :-)

If the kernel is recent enough, the threshold is stored in mg and
scaled depending on what the "full scale" is set to. Probably this
isn't the problem anyway.

// Simon

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