Problems Reading Accelerometer Device

Michael Tansella michael-tansella at
Thu Nov 27 08:35:25 CET 2008

> I think he means the full scale setting which defaults to 2G but can be
> 8G.  Threshold would be a nice explanation for these 30ms dropouts but
> when he sets it to 8G it's harder for him to meet a threshold since each
> step in the results is worth 72mG not 18 any more.
> -Andy

Yes that's exactly what I meant. I never touched the threshold settings. it's 
set to 0. 
But in contrary I made the experience that when I was normally walking and 
logged the Acc with 2G Settings I got only 50 measurements in 15 Seconds.
That means perhaps I reach the maximum value of 2G even when the Freerunner is 
lying flat on the table, maybe due to noise?
This would explain why it works with 8G scale.

I'll do some measurements with 8G scale and check how often it reaches the 2G 

I'll also try it with select() function that Thomas White mentioned and hope 
that it helps.


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