GL|ES Mesa and DRI

Andreas Pokorny andreas.pokorny at
Sat Nov 29 18:51:46 CET 2008


2008/11/28 Graeme Gregory <graeme at>:
> There are also other things to consider in the stack.
> We need a good Xorg driver with DRI (or DRI like support) + the kernel
> backend for this. I don't think anyone on arm has done this yet. We also
> need to tie glamofb and the 2d EXA driver into this as well as Andy has
> identified some locking problems which can only be solved by one common
> point of access.
> Currently the status with the Xorg driver is I have a skeleton in git
> I've been trying to get my head around mode setting to RandR works and
> struggling with it. I just can't work out how to tell Xorg we support 4
> and exactly 4 modelines.

Please correct me if I am going into the wrong direction. I believe we need a
DRM like kernel module that manages memory and rendering states and handles
context switches. I started reading about GEM and TTM, both do not seem to
be a perfect match for glamo. From what I understood GEM prefers explicit IO
to transfer data to the graphics memory. I guess mmap is faster on the neo.

kind regards
Andreas Pokorny

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