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On Sat, 29 Nov 2008 15:23:08 -0500 Joel Newkirk <freerunner at newkirk.us> babbled:

> I've got a question about Edje files.  I'm using SHR at the moment but that
> shouldn't have any direct bearing on the question or possible answers.
> using the Illume spanner to open the Config pages, I can change the
> background.  When doing so it creates ~/.e/e/backgrounds/{papername}.edj
> which defines part "bg" in group "e/desktop/background".  And it seems to
> store the choice of said background in ~/.e/e/{themename}/e.cfg.
> Is there any way from another edje-enabled app (IE dialer) to retrieve this
> config setting and apply the same background to that app?  Preferably from
> within the edc itself?

no. e's background is e's background. all you are doing is pseudo-transparency
hacking and i have to say that it's very inefficient and ugly. you are just
trying to mimic real compositing. :)

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