Qtopia on X11 Questions

Dave Arnold darnold at futurec.net
Thu Oct 2 21:16:26 CEST 2008

Greetings all,


I am getting started with Qtopia on X11 for the Neo Freerunner.  I have
followed the instructions described at
http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Qtopia_on_X11, however, when I launch qpe from
ubuntu I am not getting what I expected.


I was expecting to see an emulation of Qtopia with a standard homescreen
showing all the main application icons, etc.  What I got in the Xephyr
window was a very basic screen showing only a simple qwerty keyboard.  I can
use phonesim to place a call and I can see the call in the Xephyr window.
Am I doing something wrong?  How can I get the other apps (such as clock and
calculator) to show up along with the standard icons.  Below is the script I
am using to launch Qtopia.


Thank you very much,




Here's the script:


export USER=darnold

export HOME=/home/$USER

export QPE_ROOT=$HOME/QtopiaX11/qtopia

export QPE_BUILD_DIR=$HOME/QtopiaX11/build-dir

export QPEDIR=$QPE_BUILD_DIR/image


export PATH=$QPEDIR/bin:$PATH


export QWS_MOUSE_PROTO="tslib"

export QWS_KEYBOARD="ficgta01kbdhandler"

export QTOPIA_PHONE_VENDIR=ficgta01

export QWS_SIZE="480x640"

export QWS_DISPLAY=LinuxFb:mmWidth44:mmHeight58:0

export TSLIB_TSDEVICE=/dev/input/event1

export QTOPIA_PHONE_DEVICE=sim:localhost

$QPE_BUILD_DIR/bin/phonesim -gui $QPE_ROOT/src/tools/phonesim/troll.xml&

Xephyr -screen 480x640 -dpi 300 -ac :44 &

export DISPLAY=:44


xmodmap -e "keycode 180 = 0x11000601"

.remaining xmodmap deleted for clarification.




Dave Arnold

Software Engineer

(909) 593-6705 x2009


cid:part1.08030509.08050604 at antelope.futurec.net


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