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Sat Oct 4 05:40:18 CEST 2008

Hi Hendrik, 
 The omview v32 had been put on. :-)
For application developers who just want to create their own
applications, we will suggest using meta-toolchain only. 

But if you are very interesting in hacking the whole system or want to
provide bb files, we may need to play with OE for a while. ;-)

For OE stuff, 
you can do this.  
make sure you have 20Gb+ disk space, and a fast
computer, with ubuntu or debian (I only tested these two.)
$ cd ~/;mkdir moko;cd moko;
$ echo "export OMDIR=\"$HOME/moko\"" > setup-env
$ echo "export BBPATH=\"${OMDIR}/build:${OMDIR}/openmoko\"" >> setup-env
$ echo "export PYTHONPATH=\"${OMDIR}/bitbake/libbitbake\"" >> setup-env
$ echo "export PATH=\"${OMDIR}/bitbake/bin:${PATH}\"" >> setup-env
$ git clone git:// openmoko
$ svn checkout svn:// 
$ ln -sf bitbake-1.8 bitbake
$ mkdir -p build/conf; cp local.conf build/conf
$ pushd openmoko;
There is a sample local.conf in attached file. 

Before building stuff you may need to setup the environment. 
$ cd ~/moko;
$ source ./setup-env
$ echo 0 | sudo tee /proc/sys/vm/mmap_min_addr

To build the whole Om2008.8 series image. (This step is optional)
$ bitbake openmoko-asu-image
Leave it for couple of hours, doing your own stuff, or pray.....

To create your own bb file, you may want to look those bb files in
There is a simple sample:
you can create a directory
$ mkdir -p $HOME/moko/openmoko/packages/omview
edit $HOME/moko/openmoko/packages/omview/
$ bitbake omview
If everything goes well, you will find your package in

It's good to split your packages into theme and application, and you may
need to take care about the dependency. Dependency really matters.

Happy Hacking

On Fri, Oct 03, 2008 at 07:24:08PM +0200, Hendrik Siedelmann wrote:
> Hi tick
> Don't worry on some delay it's not that this is some very important
> application that everyone uses 24/7 ;). But it would be nice to put
> omview into your buildsystem. I've never done anything with OE, would
> be nice if you could give me some hints and links. While on that I'd
> also like to split the program into two packages (program and theme)
> and add a third package (patched epsilon for faster thumbnails). Is
> that okay?
> hendrik
> 2008/10/3 Tick Chen <tick at>:
> > Hi Hendrik,
> >  I will take care of this today, sorry for some delay.
> > Are you interested to put the omview into our build system?
> > If yes, you may give me a bb file and I can help put that in.
> > Or if you do not know how to create bb file, I can also help.  :)
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MACHINE = "om-gta02"
DISTRO = "openmoko"
BUILD_ARCH = "i686"
INHERIT += "rm_work"
TMPDIR = "${HOME}/moko/build/tmp"
BBFILES := "${OMDIR}/openmoko/packages/*/*.bb"

#require conf/distro/include/

ASSUME_PROVIDED += "gcc-native"
PREFERRED_VERSION_glib-2.0 = "2.16.1"
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