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Rod Whitby rod at
Sun Oct 5 00:51:10 CEST 2008

Tick Chen wrote:
> There is a sample local.conf in attached file. 

> PREFERRED_VERSION_glib-2.0 = "2.16.1"

Why is this not in the standard conf/distro/openmoko.conf distribution
configuration file?  Why are you recommending each individual builder
put this in their own local.conf file?

This is one of the major problems with Openmoko's management of their
own build system.  It seems that no-one is responsible for making sure
that the whole system is consistent and up to date, and everyone ends up
having their own local hacks like the one above (including a whole new
distribution called FDOM which has only come about because Openmoko is
not incorporating fixes from the community in the official distro).

-- Rod

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