FDOM=OM was (omview & community repository)

Rod Whitby rod at whitby.id.au
Mon Oct 6 00:16:13 CEST 2008

If FDOM was something you could "ipkg install" on another distro, then I
would not call it a separate distribution.

As it stands today, it *is* a separate distribution.

And you cannot deny that there are things done in FDOM which are simply
there becuase they have not been fixed in the official OM distros.  Take
the /etc/resolv.conf debacle for an example.

This is not a negative reflection on FDOM, so please do not take any of
this as criticism or you or your distro.  You have done what you needed
to do, and others find it useful.

It is a negative reflection on OM for not taking the things you have
fixed and fixing them at the source.

-- Rod

David Samblas wrote:
>> FDOM which has only come about because Openmoko is
>> not incorporating fixes from the community in the official distro
> wow wow wow, Rod you are wrong, even if OpenMoko adds those fixes (a lot
> of then are more OE related than Openmoko but doesn't matter) I will
> have released FDOM anyway (with diferent installed apps, and maybe more
> time dedicated to pure stetical pimping)FDOM has born just for fun and
> willing to help, 
> I just know to read , copy&paste in my joe editor, test and upload files
> on ftp, so that's what I do to help, I prefer OM team to take care of
> kernel, FSO development and integration with actual OM stack(or any
> other stack), making QTX11 development, echo/noise echo cancelaton, and
> and a lot of serious work still that has to be done, things that for a
> lot of us, still a little out of bound of own knowlege(yet) and are
> triyng to help in other ways. When I learn how to upload patches to OE
> and create opkg I will do it. We are creating an script that will
> transforme the OM distro to FDOM that will be a good start to learn how
> to create an opkg packages, 
> Maybe have called FDOM as distrution wasn't good idea because it has
> cause some confusions, FDOM is an OM image with some facilities, may be
> when  we finally control the generation of FDOM from  svn, being able to
> be some of us collaborate at time, we can be considered as distro, as I
> have read from Dr Nikolaus in the OE Forum, "FDOM is not yet another
> distro is yet another image" .
> I have  asked these on the community list but I will repeat it here in
> the devel list, please again stop using FDOM as weapon or to compare
> against himself.
>> -- Rod
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