David Samblas dsamblasomdevel at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 00:47:29 CEST 2008

El lun, 06-10-2008 a las 08:48 +1030, Rod Whitby escribió:
> BTW, (and I will keep this private to just you),
> Do you realise that to fully comply with the terms of the GPL, *you*
> (not OE or OM) must distribute full sources for all GPL binaries in your
> FDOM image, regardless of whether you modified them or not?
ok, sure, I want to fully comply GPL, is enough to have links to the
sources example to oe,angstrom sources root dirs?  and those that come
from projets.openmoko.org what is the best approach ?, where I have to
put those links on the readme of the distro ftp, some where inside the
generated image? Or I have to recollect and clone especifically al
source code in same place as the jffs file?
A little help on how "GPLize" FDOM will be appeciated I'm a totally

> If we want big corporations like Nokia to comply with the GPL, then the
> community should set a good example ...
I totally agree with you, thanks Rod
I post this on the list to make sure FDOM will not piss off any other
basic Free Source rule , and if so learn how to fixit
> -- Rod

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