Openmoko Bug #2030: Cannot connect to WEP network

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Oct 7 13:02:32 CEST 2008

mahendra panpalia wrote:
> >>  Using FDOM, ASU 2008.8 and ASU 2008.9, it is impossible to join my home
> >>  and work WEP enabled network using the "Settings" application.

Does it work if running iwconfig from a shell ? We know that there
are a number of issues with the GUI way of doing things, and it seems
they're hard to solve.

While our GUI people are working on that problem, I'm interested in
any showstoppers we may have at the layers below, i.e., in the
various wireless tools, kernel, or (let's hope not) firmware.

The canonical way of running iwconfig for WEP would be something like

# iwconfig eth0 key A4BEB3B8EC essid xyz

Two things are important here:

- the key must be in hex. iwconfig will not do anything useful if
  the key is given as a string.

- the ESSID must follow the key.

If an incorrect key was set, please stop all activity on the interface
for at least two minutes (i.e., killall udhcpc and ifconfig eth0 down),
then issue the correct iwconfig command and retry.

- Werner

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