Openmoko Bug #2030: Cannot connect to WEP network

mahendra panpalia panpaliamahen at
Tue Oct 7 13:26:11 CEST 2008

Hello Werner/Openmoko Team,

I have good experience of WAP/SMS/MMS for (LG, Samsung) handsets.
I have worked with both LG and Samsung for around 3 years in above
technologies for mobiles.

Openmoko being an opensource, i am keen to contribute into applications
like  WAP/SMS, WAP browser, WAP protocol stack (1.X,2.X) and more into
mobile software platform development and mobile applications.

I can also contribute into Layer1, device drivers etc.

I have special interest into openmoko because currently I am Lead Developer
in design of an serverless instant messenger retromessenger ( and i am planning to make a Mobile
port for this and then retromessenger application can be run on openmoko as

But here i Need a starting point to Set up openmoko-development environment.
and to understand the openmoko platform.

Can some one guide me for setting up openmoko environment on my system.

Thanks & Regards,

On Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 12:02 PM, Werner Almesberger <werner at>wrote:

> mahendra panpalia wrote:
> > >>  Using FDOM, ASU 2008.8 and ASU 2008.9, it is impossible to join my
> home
> > >>  and work WEP enabled network using the "Settings" application.
> Does it work if running iwconfig from a shell ? We know that there
> are a number of issues with the GUI way of doing things, and it seems
> they're hard to solve.
> While our GUI people are working on that problem, I'm interested in
> any showstoppers we may have at the layers below, i.e., in the
> various wireless tools, kernel, or (let's hope not) firmware.
> The canonical way of running iwconfig for WEP would be something like
> this:
> # iwconfig eth0 key A4BEB3B8EC essid xyz
> Two things are important here:
> - the key must be in hex. iwconfig will not do anything useful if
>  the key is given as a string.
> - the ESSID must follow the key.
> If an incorrect key was set, please stop all activity on the interface
> for at least two minutes (i.e., killall udhcpc and ifconfig eth0 down),
> then issue the correct iwconfig command and retry.
> Thanks,
> - Werner

Thanks & kind regards,
Mahendra P.
Mob: +44 78260 46167
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