[Testing Report : 2008.10.09]

Wendy wendy_hung at openmoko.com
Thu Oct 9 11:40:24 CEST 2008


due to tomorrow is The National Holiday, we put our test report one day 
before. :)
This week we still randomly test with base image, we start the point from 
in_testing status and Om2008.10 list. Next week we will start fallow the full 
test cases.

The daily work flow of the testing team as below:
1. After flashed 9/30's testing image, we update the system everyday
2. Test with in_testing status bugs
3. Fallow test plan 
4. Report bugs

Here are base image's bugs/problems that we'll modify more than report:
1) The illume bar's moving is unsmooth and slow.
2) Generally after x hour usage "Run Error" message showed up, and can't use 
any application.
3) Kind of qpe crash after x hour usage (5~6hours)
4) INSTALLER show up twice at bottom bar in home screen.
5) Launch Installer show up error message "Cannat access repository. Please 
check network." but it does have network.
6) Installer "Application run error" message will come out during/after 
reflash or +Update all
7) In installer application the speed of open package sometime is super slow
8) In installer "+Update all " spend too much time and fail from time to time, 
and the system time out came too slow (20~30mins)
9) If you don't click the Incoming SMS alert box, when next SMS comes, Message 
application will frozen. Than incoming SMS will only have viberation + voice 
or don't even have any notice (depend your profile setting).
10) Sometimes resume from suspend time too slow (more than 5sec.)
11) Sometimes resume from suspend but suspend again immediately.
12) More coming......

Reopened Bugs:
#1653, the option menu covered "Hide" which means you can't close option menu 
by click "hide."
#1533, The keypad shows brackets numbers like "{()}."
(ps. both of them can' upload files yet.....)

Please feel free to give us question or suggestion.
Thanks for reading!


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