Debugging WiFi problems

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Oct 14 14:52:26 CEST 2008

Phil wrote:
> What can I do to debug the problem?

Maybe let's start with a few more details:

- do you use encryption and if yes, what kind ?
- what AP brand/model is this ?
- is there anything in dmesg ?
- does your machine suspend during the test ?

When looking into WLAN problems, one of the first things I usually do
is to try to see if it's something that comes from the lower reaches
of the system (kernel, firmware, system tools, etc.), or higher layers
which are still very much in flux (middleware and GUI).

To determine this, I kill pretty much all processes but udevd and
dropbear, so that I can be sure user space won't reconfigure things
behind my back, suspend, or such.

Then I set up the network manually and see if the problem still exists.
So if you could do this and report your findings, that would be great.

- Werner

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