Zhone l18n

Oleg Sadov sadov at linux-ink.ru
Tue Oct 14 18:51:23 CEST 2008

Hello colleagues!

You can find a small improvement of Zhone UI -- preliminary localization
support -- in attachment.

Just --

1. Untar it

2. Make up translation for your language -- your may use zhone.po as a
basis (Russian localization file -- zhone-ru.po is included)

3. Translate PO-file to MO-file by msgfmt, for ex.:

msgfmt zhone-ru.po -o zhone.mo

4. Put it into your language localization catalog in OM
(/usr/share/locale/ru/LC_MESSAGES/ for Russian)

5. Patch zhone by zhone.patch (it was made for zhone 0.0.0+r10)

7. Reboot FR and voila -- user-friendly gujarati, kechua or swahili
Linux mobile for your grandmother (& not only ;) is in your hands!

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