Weekly Engineering News 41/2008

Rod Whitby rod at whitby.id.au
Wed Oct 15 14:30:59 CEST 2008

Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> back to the basics!
> That's the main news from Taipei last week. We decided to focus our  
> engineering on just the basics, even less eye candy: Robust kernel,  
> fast boot time, basic telephony with great audio quality, powerful  
> configuration from the command line, hardware quality. That's it.
> We will stop working on our Installer, Locations, Diversity and  
> Settings applications. We will get back to all this when the rest is  
> rock solid, but now is not the time.

That's great news for Openmoko.

> The head of our testing team, Regina Kim, moved to Australia and will  
> continue to work from there.

Welcome Regina to the best country in the world ;-)

> We hired a new IT person, Ray Chao, to work full-time in Taipei. He  
> will co-work with roh + gismo in Berlin. One of his first big tasks  
> will be to take over responsibility to keep our automated daily builds  
> running.

Wolfgang, please pass my email address on to Ray and let him know he is
welcome to contact me at any time regarding autobuilders.

-- Rod

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