ARMv4 vs ARMv6

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Thu Oct 16 16:01:54 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> It wouldn't 'require' armv6 libs, it would still work fine if you
|> install the armv6 mplayer with only armv4t libs in the rootfs. And FWIW,
|> I expect mplayer to run approx. twice as fast when compiled with armv6
|> since ffmpeg has seen a lot of optimization for armv6 (and armv6t2).
|> And more importantly: mplayer has an internal copy of ffmpeg, so your
|> example doesn't fly.

Well if not ffmpeg than one of the other ton of libs mplayer package on
Fedora anyway is built to want, from a look on Fedora mplayer, aac
stuffs that I also mentioned.

|  You might have
| something else installed on the same box that required the v4 ones too,
| so the /usr/lib and /usr/lib64 type thing is needed for same library /
| different arch coexistence on one system.  It is like the i386 / x86_64
| multiarch situation.
|> As Harald, Graeme and I said before: no, it's not like that

Can you spell it out for this idiot WHY it isn't like that?  It's not
like that because we can't handle parallel install of same lib of
different arch?  Or we can handle it fine already?  How?  Just telling
me I am wrong and OE is perfect is not really advancing my or anyone
else's understanding of the situation.

| Like I said I am sure all of this can be handled, but I am equally sure
| it isn't going to "just work" without care taken in the toolchain and
| distro ends, and it's the kind of thing that needs to be right from the
| start.
|> It already "Just Works(TM)" in OE and Angstrom, so no problem there.
|> There *might* be problems when people want to build *packages* only
|> using the toolchain, but those people get what they asked for.

They "asked for" an easy way to build packages... if it is broken for
this usage we need to take the steps to fix it.  I really don't think
cutting and pasting your explanation for why it is broken -- "you people
are getting what you asked for" -- will go down well with the customers.

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