ARMv4 vs ARMv6

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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> |> Can you spell it out for this idiot WHY it isn't like that?  It's  
> not
> |> like that because we can't handle parallel install of same lib of
> |> different arch?  Or we can handle it fine already?  How?  Just  
> telling
> |> me I am wrong and OE is perfect is not really advancing my or  
> anyone
> |> else's understanding of the situation.
> |
> | If I'm understanding the explanations correctly it's analogous to  
> mixing
> | i386, i586 and i686 packages, not to x86 and x86_64 packages.  
> Parallel
> | installation isn't needed, and opkg will stop people installing  
> armv6
> | packages on armv4 systems.
> Thanks... still... what actually happens then if you have packages  
> with
> requires for v4 libs and another that has requires for v6 of the same
> lib?

As I said before: It wouldn't 'require' armv6 libs, it would still  
work fine if you install the armv6 mplayer with only armv4t libs in  
the rootfs.

The linker doesn't care about instruction set, it only cares about  
ABI, which is this case is the same.


build armv6 rootfs with mplayer
build armv4t rootfs with mplayer
copy over armv6 mplayer binary (no libs) to armv4t rootfs
use rootfs on armv6 device -> mplayer works

It also works with opkg, since the Depends: field only lists name and  
version, not arch, since arch is under control of /etc/opkg/arch.conf.

For advanced uses look at what mamona is doing with their 'noemu'  

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