When http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/unstable/sources/ is updated

Holger Freyther zecke at selfish.org
Sun Oct 19 16:19:32 CEST 2008

On Sunday 19 October 2008 11:37:37 Leonti Bielski wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm trying to build FSO for a couple of days by now with bitbake.
> Now I'm stack on the freesmartphone.org stuff.
> bitbake first tries to donwload sources from ttp://
> www.angstrom-distribution.org/unstable/sources/ with no luck,
> then it goes to http://downloads.openmoko.org/sources/ with no luck
> and finally it tries to download sources from git repository. And here is
> the problem - I don't have access to git due to my proxy limitations.

You have a couple of options:
	a) Change your proxy configuration
	b) Build the versions that are mirrored (e.g. the milestones)
	c) Use repo.or.cz to mirror that repository and change the bbfiles to use 
	d) Use the daily build of freesmartphone.org
	e) Ask the freesmartphone.org people to give you http access.


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