Calypso dance (GSM)

Alastair Johnson alastair at
Mon Oct 20 13:39:55 CEST 2008

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> A few weeks ago, we redoubled our efforts to solve some of the
> longstanding problems in the GSM subsystem. The main objective was
> to finally solve the recamping problem, bug #1024.
> There have been some small good news: we managed to get TI's debugging
> and tracking utility PCO2 to run under Wine.
> Then there was a major breakthrough: independently, Mike Westerhof
> found the AT%SLEEP=2 work-around.
> And then the bummer: we discovered that we had lost our Calypso
> firmware sources :-( I'll skip the details to protect the guilty,
> but things looked rather bleak at that moment. Fortunately, we have
> since been able to recover the moko8 sources, and TI have sent us the
> updates that had been integrated since then.
> Around that time, Dieter Spaar, who is already familiar with that kind
> of firmware has contacted Joerg, and asked if we could use some help.
> Joerg then convinced the rest of us that this was indeed something
> worth trying :-)
> So, as a first step, we've contracted Dieter to bring that bag of code
> pieces into a buildable state again. This doesn't change the status
> quo regarding bugs and misfeature, but it's a precondition for
> actually doing anything about the problems.
> Now, this work is still in progress, but we can already look ahead at
> what issues we hope to be able to tackle:
> - #1024, everyone's favourite failure to use the network
> - #666, 3G SIM cards not being recognized
> - production may want to replace a memory chip, which may need a
>   small firmware change
> - suppressing/reducing the handset-mic audio feedback (which causes
>   echo for the remote party)
> Is there anything else directly relayed to the GSM firmware that
> should be on this list ?

Good to know this is getting some attention, and that fixes may be possible.

Some documentation of the various echo and noise suppression settings 
would be useful in case the default settings don't work well for 
everybody. A method to query the current setting would be good here too.

Can you tell us how, or even if, such GSM firmware fixes would be made 
available to existing GTA01 and GTA02 owners?

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