Playing with touch screen events

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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
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> | IIUC this is listening to X events, but this has already been filtered
> | through a driver that tries to reduce jitter and stuff.  What kind of
> | info does the driver give?  Could it support multiple touches
> | (e.g. pinch, two-finger scroll, ...)?
> The only extra thing you can squeeze out of it is the area of the
> contact to the touchscreen, so you can tell between stylus, fingernail,
> thumb.  I also made a patch for this, but I was unable to get the
> results normalized across the whole touchscreen surface.  It could tell
> very well though in any given area about the contact size.

do you have any raw data on your results? how was the "size" reported (radius
from touch point?)

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