boot the eeepc in 5 seconds

Alexander Mueller XelaRellum at
Wed Oct 22 10:03:46 CEST 2008

I read this article as well and it's really amazing. Well, the EEE PC is
way faster (1,6Ghz) and it doesnt have limitations like fetching stuff
via SPI. But I would think it can be done faster. Did anybody try to get
bootchart to run on the OM?


Pietro Abate schrieb:
> I've posted this on the support list, but maybe it might be more
> relevant here:
> ------------
> I guess this can be interesting for the openmoko as well...
> I think the interesting points are the use of readahead, to compile a
> monolitic kernel (a very small initrd) and to setup the video mode in
> the kernel (that if I understand correctly would save X to re-initialize
> the hw...). Then basically boot the kernel, unitialize the video, lunch
> udev, dbus, hal, then X and the window manager (say 7 sec, because out
> processor is a bit slower). Everything else can be initialize on demand.
> hope this helps.
> :)
> p
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