Android codebase - Patch set #1

Sean McNeil sean at
Thu Oct 23 19:11:57 CEST 2008


flamma at wrote:
>> I have Android nearly fully functional on the Freerunner. I will be
>> posting patches to this list as I can, but I am in the process of a
>> serious move to another country which will keep me busy until sometime
>> next week. I wanted to get some of the fundamentals out there, however,
>> so that people didn't waste time reproducing work. So, the following
>> patches are for
>> bionic - Add support for armv4t
>> dalvik - Ditto
>> build - Abstract out the armv5 compiler settings so we can override them
>> I am using gcc 4.2.4 and binutils 2.18 with 1 patch for java exceptions
>> which I am including here as well.
>> Enjoy!
>> Sean
> Excuse me if I'm going a little out of topic, but, will some polemic
> features like [1] and [2] be removed, so the platform is a bit "more
> free"?
> [1]

This is related to phones from companies that need or want to control
access to their hardware. Google has nothing to do with this except to
provide for security through certificates. This is a good idea and I
think OM will have one, but it doesn't mean there will be anything
closed source on the OM phones. It will remain open.

> [2]

I'm not sure exactly what is being discussed here. Since Android is open
source, if there is a kill switch it can be removed. I think they are
talking about removing things from their version of the application market.


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