Android openness, was Re: Android codebase - Patch set #1

Jason openmoko at
Thu Oct 23 22:40:23 CEST 2008

Sean McNeil wrote:
> Don't forget, this is OM. You are free to use whatever you like on them.
> You don't have to use NanoBoot to run Android.

Amen to that.

Did you happen to notice the changelog for the android openssl repository?;a=commit;h=f48372ded3bb76c2598392aa58abe6e2eb7432d2

They deleted _a_lot_ of files (I assume as unnecessary).  What if
someone wants to port android to a platform with a hardware crypto
engine? .../crypto/engines/* is gone.;a=blob;f=crypto/engine/eng_err.c;h=369f2e22d3bc4b2b4d138bad8ccb5b4d99aa97b9;hb=f48372ded3bb76c2598392aa58abe6e2eb7432d2

Yikes.  Something's giving me the heebee-jeebees, and it's not
Halloween. :-S

Yes, I know, drop in vanilla openssl to fix it.  Still, it makes my skin


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