[MokSec] Access to the GSM daemon

Alex Oberhauser oberhauseralex at networld.to
Sun Oct 26 11:49:11 CET 2008

Hi guys,

I've written a phone firewall [1] and now I would test it in a real environment
(not only with CUnit tests). Here are my questions (I use the 2008.9 distri
with a self compiled kernel from the stable branch):

        - Is the access over D-Bus the only way to access the GSM daemon?
        - Do I have to modify the dialer? Or is it better to modify a layer
        - We also want to implement encryption over GSM and for this we have
          to access the GSM daemon also. Is this possible in 2008.9 distri
          without compiling the whole system?

My main problem at the moment is the access to the GSM daemon. For the phone
firewall it should be enough to access over d-bus. For the encryption it isn't



[1] http://moko.networld.to/?p=gsm/phone-firewall.git;a=summary

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