Openmoko Bug #2087: [Illume] The top bar and home icons are to small for fingure usage

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Sun Oct 26 20:38:20 CET 2008

#2087: [Illume] The top bar and home icons are to small for fingure usage
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Comment(by newkirk):

 What 'button' are you referring to - the config spanner button?

 The bug report doesn't mention that at all, although if installed and
 visible it is AFAIK the only way currently to enlarge the icons in the
 Launcher to a size that IS in fact convenient for finger tapping instead
 of being stylus dependent.  I read the report as referring to Launcher
 icons as 'home icons', with which complaint I must agree.

 The default settings with 2008.x currently ARE too small for convenient
 finger tapping of icons.  I personally have frequent problems opening the
 top shelf in order to click 'close', and have trouble tapping 'close' with
 my finger instead of hitting the line above it and opening a running app,
 or hitting below it ON the running app and having the top shelf simply


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