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WintermuteHun aron.tanos at
Tue Oct 28 16:07:19 CET 2008

I've done that, and I prefer cross-compiling. However, I'm trying to
cross-compile an app that uses gpsd, and therefore needs gps/gps.h, which is
apparently not part of the standard toolchain. How do I install it? I tried
using opkg, but it doesn't seem to have any package repositories, because
"opkg update" doesn't do anything at all. Can I just use the standard
package repositories, e.g. from Debian ARM? 



Crane, Matthew wrote:
> Mount your host build directory via ssh/nfs/samba on the openmoko, then
> you can run your code directly from the build dir on the target.  You
> can then run gdb on the target, using the source files in the mounted
> dir, or use gdbserver.   Gdbserver will let you debug on your host from
> an ide like kdevelop. 

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