Matthias Kuhn matthias.kuhn at
Wed Oct 29 13:47:06 CET 2008

We have some plans and are experimenting with some servers to get a
build-cluster up and running.
So far we use buildbot to distribute builds to different machines. The
compiling itself is distributed again via icecc. The tasks can be
supervised via oestats ( and the buildbot
web frontend ( As our little playground
this works pretty well so far. But there is much room for improvement.
Maybe there are much better ways to do this. One idea was to get the
opensuse build-service to build openembedded.

Also there are many services we'd like to add like:

- build on commit (partly working)
- bug-tracking integration
- email-notification (blame/praise)
- quality assurance (i.e. a way to vote for the stability of an application)
- personal package archive (see launchpad ppa. Maybe this could be
integrated in What do you think Tobias? )
- git/bzr/svn hosting
- etc. We are open to any ideas ;)

As there was some rumour on this mailing list about some people doing
similar stuff (see Weekly Engineering News 39 & 40/2008), we would
like to know about the state of your work and if you are interested in
sharing ideas, hardware, etc.

Ben "C7" Hagen and Matthias "mku" Kuhn

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