Openmoko Bug #2024: OM 2008.9 messages frozen afer x hours

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Thu Oct 30 08:27:05 CET 2008

#2024: OM 2008.9 messages frozen afer x hours
    Reporter:  em4g.3ht  |        Owner:  openmoko-devel
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Comment(by em4g.3ht):

 yes, I have recently switched to the testing images, for their updated
 illume theme (which much more intuitive), however this problem still
 occurs for me. After more time with the problem I found that it only
 occurs when I have been sent 2 sms messages at the same time, or within
 seconds of each other, I am not sure if a certain amount of time on
 battery needs to pass prior. I was able to recreate this at work the other
 day with 1028 testing image, and was forced to restart my phone because I
 had not installed the terminal.

 The best way around this was to install the terminal and run:
 pkill qtmail

 and then start the message application again.

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