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Thu Oct 30 09:29:09 CET 2008


It would be nice if you would not spread FUD.

The git repo you are looking at is an overlay repository, it only
contains the files added by the Android guys, namely the new
integrated build system. (

I suggest to use as a starting point + the
android mailing lists.

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On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 9:40 PM, Jason <openmoko at> wrote:
> Sean McNeil wrote:
> [...]
>> Don't forget, this is OM. You are free to use whatever you like on them.
>> You don't have to use NanoBoot to run Android.
> Amen to that.
> Did you happen to notice the changelog for the android openssl repository?
> They deleted _a_lot_ of files (I assume as unnecessary).  What if
> someone wants to port android to a platform with a hardware crypto
> engine? .../crypto/engines/* is gone.
> Yikes.  Something's giving me the heebee-jeebees, and it's not
> Halloween. :-S
> Yes, I know, drop in vanilla openssl to fix it.  Still, it makes my skin
> crawl...
> Jason.
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