Status report about suspend/resume issues

Jeremy Chang jeremy at
Thu Oct 30 11:17:02 CET 2008

Hi, all:
    Recently I am looking into the suspend/resume issues on gta02. 
    I have not made great progress yet, but I am trying to analyze and
figure out some possible ways to fix these issues one by one from easy to hard.

    As far as i know, there are three ways to do suspend. 
    1) illume timeout
    2) press pwr key
    3) in termianl, type "apm -s"
    Both 1) and 2) send dbus to make ompower do "apm -s".

    And there is only one way to do resume, press the Pwr button.

    The problems about suspend/resume generally are as below:
    1) Unable to suspend, just screen black, Led is still on and ssh
through usb is still alive. This will make user think it's already
suspended and lead to further problems. (Trac ticket 1991)
    2) Suspend is ok, but just as resuming, it goes to suspend
immediately after you see the screen for one second. Sometimes it's too
quick, so the user thinks it can not be resumed.

    3) It can not be resumed. This may due to several scenarios, as ticket
#1884. Matt is also looking into this.

    4) After serveral tyring to wake up by pressing pwr button with at
least 1 sec interval, finally it wakes up, but it's going to "shutdown".

    All these issues are about suspend/resume stability. I am starting
from 2) and working on it.  
    for 2), As talked with Matt, we thought about some possible
scenarios to make this happen: 
    1. the user sets timer in Settings or illume config to suspend.
    2. continually pwr key pressing in a short time makes the
kernel/driver queue the second interrupt.
    3. the user just press once but the hardware detect it as twice
    I am trying to fix this for scenario 1. That's caused by screensaver
timeout or the timer timeout in illume as soon as the device resumes. 
I am looking into if I can do something in ompower to avoid this.

    More to come for these.

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