[gta02] Status report about suspend/resume issues

matt_hsu matt_hsu at openmoko.org
Thu Oct 30 17:49:52 CET 2008

Jeremy Chang wrote:
> Hi, all:
>     Recently I am looking into the suspend/resume issues on gta02. 
>     I have not made great progress yet, but I am trying to analyze and
> figure out some possible ways to fix these issues one by one from easy to hard.
>     As far as i know, there are three ways to do suspend. 
>     1) illume timeout
>     2) press pwr key
>     3) in termianl, type "apm -s"
>     Both 1) and 2) send dbus to make ompower do "apm -s".
>     And there is only one way to do resume, press the Pwr button.
>     The problems about suspend/resume generally are as below:
>     1) Unable to suspend, just screen black, Led is still on and ssh
> through usb is still alive. This will make user think it's already
> suspended and lead to further problems. (Trac ticket 1991)
>     2) Suspend is ok, but just as resuming, it goes to suspend
> immediately after you see the screen for one second. Sometimes it's too
> quick, so the user thinks it can not be resumed.
>     3) It can not be resumed. This may due to several scenarios, as ticket
> #1884. Matt is also looking into this.
This issue is still under working and struggling. :(
I will keep updating this.

>     4) After serveral tyring to wake up by pressing pwr button with at
> least 1 sec interval, finally it wakes up, but it's going to "shutdown".
>     All these issues are about suspend/resume stability. I am starting
> from 2) and working on it.  
>     for 2), As talked with Matt, we thought about some possible
> scenarios to make this happen: 
>     1. the user sets timer in Settings or illume config to suspend.
>     2. continually pwr key pressing in a short time makes the
> kernel/driver queue the second interrupt.
>     3. the user just press once but the hardware detect it as twice
> press.
>     I am trying to fix this for scenario 1. That's caused by screensaver
> timeout or the timer timeout in illume as soon as the device resumes. 
> I am looking into if I can do something in ompower to avoid this.
>     More to come for these.
> Regards,
> -Jeremy
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