experimental fastboot images

Chia-I Wu olv at openmoko.com
Fri Oct 31 14:19:53 CET 2008

Hi all,

I was playing with initscripts for the last two weeks.  By removing
non-critical scripts/services and modifying the remaining ones, I was
able to boot into illume within ~50s since power up.

The kernel image and rootfs image are available at


Note that gtk+ related packages are not installed by default in these
images.  And due to slow framebuffer, you might want to add `quiet' to
kernel cmdline.

They are by no ways finished yet and so far, I have only played with the
initscripts.  I would like to look into other places for the following
weeks.  And Erin is currently looking into qpe.

The .bb files to generate the image are also available.  As anyone who
has some experiences with OE would see, they are quite ugly.  I will
submit them for merge once I clean them up.


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