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Angus Ainslie nytowl at
Wed Apr 1 21:59:02 CEST 2009

On Wed, 2009-04-01 at 21:13 +0200, Andreas Willich wrote:
> Hi List
> I do not know if this is the correct list for my question, so if I am
> wrong here, please point me to the correct list.
> Here is my question:
> What needs to be done to change the version of a package what is build?
> Concrete case: 
> Currently is for mono the version entered in
> and gets build by the buildhost and is
> available at the repositories.
> I am developing applications for the Freerunner that runs on mono, but
> needs a newer version of it. I build the latest version available at OE
> (1.9.1+2.2-rc1) at it builds and AFAIK it works on the Neo.
> So, what I have to do that these changes are applied to the file?
> Regards
> 	Andreas

Hi Andreas

I don't think we currently use mono for anything on the Freerunner so
changing the rev of that wouldn't be much of a problem. If there any
external apps using mono now would the time to speak up if you need a
specific version.

What needs to be evaluated first is the new mono versions prerequisites.
Depending on what those are and how many there are will influence
whether the version can actually be bumped.


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