Gabriel and D-Bus

Leonti Bielski prishelec at
Sat Apr 4 20:06:59 CEST 2009

Maybe someone is interested in trying to set up this thing?

Think about the benefits - with Elementary  and Vala writing an
application is piece of cake on host computer.
A lot of time consumes building it locally, than transferring it to
the phone. Phone is not fast enough too for rapid testing.
This significantly slows down development and irritates the developer :D

The only thing right now we can't do locally is working with d-bus. If
we could manage to make it work we could develop applications rapidly
on host computers until everything works, and then just recompile it
for the phone.


p.s. I have already built socat if someone needs it.

On Sat, Apr 4, 2009 at 3:52 PM, Leonti Bielski <prishelec at> wrote:
> Hello!
> Has anyone managed to get this program to work?
> Here the instructions:
> I think I'm close, but it's not working yet :(
> Has anyone had positive experiense with this thing?
> I guess it would greatly boost dveloping d-bus applications for
> Openmoko - we copuld write them on host comp using Gabriel for d-bus
> communications and then just recompile them and try on actual phone.
> Leonti

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