FatFingerShell vt with fullscreen keyboard

Visti Andresen talpa at talpa.dk
Mon Apr 6 09:15:26 CEST 2009

On Fri, 27 Mar 2009 04:03:29 -0300
Rafael Ignacio Zurita <rizurita at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hello people,
>   it is a new virtual terminal for Openmoko, with a complete fullscreen keyboard
> and sound.

I have just started to read up on my mailing list subscriptions and
stumbled onto this post.
A very nice application indeed.

I like the "simple" approach of writing an application that is aware of the 
keyboard and displays it as a transparent over/underlay.
I have myself tried to create a generic overlay for my "StrokeRecognition"
keyboard. It is actually harder than I feared.

> You can set the colors and the transparency, set new keyboard layouts (hard yet)
> and replace the sounds.

... SNIP ...

> Other files:
> README: http://fz.hobby-site.org/om/fatfingershell/README.txt
> source code: http://fz.hobby-site.org/om/fatfingershell/fatfingershell-src_0.1.tar.gz
> Feedback, suggestions and ideas are welcome.


Well a Debian package would be nice :)

A dot config file that tells the terminal which keyboard(s) to use.
This would allow for more that one keyboard configuration package to

A way to cycle though keyboard layouts.

Dictionary based typing guesses/predictions (useful for writing SMS

> Saludos!,
> Rafa
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