Three different databases for gsm celltower locations

Onen at
Mon Apr 6 17:36:53 CEST 2009


Stefan Schmidt wrote:
> On Sat, 2009-04-04 at 15:03, Onen wrote:
>> Another point is the other signals than GSM. Our initial vision was to  
>> build a database of communicating objects, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc...  
> Can anybody give me some ideas how BT should be useful here? From what I know
> there are very little fixed BT accesspoints around. Likely to be killed by wifi
> anyway. I associate with bluetooth something that is mobile itself therefor not
> useful to get an idea rom your current location from.
Well maybe Bluetooth was not the best example. I wanted to put the 
emphasis that the original idea of openBmap was to get a map of all 
communicating objects (RFID, future things, ...). Nevertheless here are 
some examples of static BT points we may encounter pretty soon:

* some experiments have been carried on in Paris subway about BT beacons 
which help blind people find their ways in the labyrinth. They have a 
special device at the ear, which says where they are, and if they go in 
the wrong direction, etc...

* ad panels in the subway, or on the street, may have bluetooth to 
distribute details to phones

* in Paris, there are BT stations on the street, you can get connected 
to with your phone, and download maps and or details of the area you 
currently are.

A reason why BT may still last over WiFi may be the power needed to have 
BT on in comparison of WiFi, don't you think?

If anybody sees more examples...


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