Modified tangogps with offline routing

Alexander Lehner lehner at
Sun Apr 12 22:08:43 CEST 2009


I've just successfully built tangogps 0.9.6 for my neo and found that is 
now can load previously stored tracks (.log files).

I've modified the sources a bit, so it is now also able to read .gpx files 
as they are produced by the OSM routing service at

This is great for planning cycling routes etc.!

I've put the binary here:

Since I didn't want to overwrite my existing tangogps executable, I simply 
put my version into /home/root and modified the 'Exec' line in 
/usr/share/applications/tangogps.desktop to point to my version (to launch 
it with the UI).

I also had to install libexif on the NEO:
opkg install

as described for example here:

I'm using a vanilla Om 2008.12, maybe other distros have to install 
additional packages...


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