GUI application development for GTA02 - Which framework?

Matthias Keller matthias.keller at
Thu Apr 16 10:00:27 CEST 2009

Dear all

Our goal is to develop a GUI application that runs on Neo Freerunner devices while accessing GPS over "gpsd" and some other UART-over-USB devices. Simple.

However, the variety of frameworks and their ongoing strategic development is really confusing: Qtopia -> Qt Extended -> no longer under development -> will become part of Qt4?

On the other hand, the build environment for Qt4 is not really usable. It get's pretty experimental when trying to use Qt Designer for designing the GUI. First, there seems to be no "qmake" (or mkspec) for the GTA02 platform. In general, documentation for OpenMoko application development with Qt is missing.

So, is GTK+ the right choice for state-of-the-art development? Or let's go for Paroli? 

We don't mind about the software image as long as we can access GPS and USB host. There is also no existing code that needs to be retained.

Which technology should we choose?


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