Neo Free-Runner newbie

Amit Pundir pundiramit at
Thu Apr 16 11:40:28 CEST 2009

Hi team,

I have recently purchased a Neo Free-Runner (GTA02) and I'm trying to
write a 3D accelerated application.
So it would be great if someone can give me some info regarding it as
I have few concerns:

1. How should I go for writing a program which can demonstrate the
SMedia Glamo hardware acceleration as I got to know that opengl es
libraries are not yet out for Glamo?

2. Since the opengl es drivers are not out does that mean we are not
using the Glamo accelerometer at the moment or are we using it in some
other way.

3. I heard that Xserver-Kdrive is the one which is/will actually
provide an interface to talk to Glamo. I would really like to know how
does that thing work and how can one use it. Any sample application
doc/link will be great.

Thanks for your concern.
Amit Pundir

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