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> 1. How should I go for writing a program which can demonstrate the
> SMedia Glamo hardware acceleration as I got to know that opengl es
> libraries are not yet out for Glamo?
> 2. Since the opengl es drivers are not out does that mean we are not
> using the Glamo accelerometer at the moment or are we using it in some
> other way.
> 3. I heard that Xserver-Kdrive is the one which is/will actually
> provide an interface to talk to Glamo. I would really like to know how
> does that thing work and how can one use it. Any sample application
> doc/link will be great.

Both Kdrive and Xorg make use of Glamo for 2D acceleration, but neither of
them provide any "interface" as such for applications  This is what we're
trying to address by implementing DRI for the device.

All of the current accelerated things (Kdrive, Xorg, mplayer) all have their
own implementation of the command queue handling code.  DRI will move this
to the kernel and provide a userspace API for making use of it, alongside
some memory management bits.  Really, I don't understand why accelerated
mplayer + accelerated xserver works at all - they're both competing for a
single command queue.  By rights, it should collapse into a heap.

If you want to work with Glamo acceleration, at the moment you'd have to
follow that model, icky though it is, and manipulate Glamo's registers
yourself.  If you choose to wait for DRI and/or Glamo-accelerated OpenGL
drivers, you'll be waiting for a while - depending on things like my PhD
thesis and whether anyone apart from me joins in with the development...

Start here for information:


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