openmoko build setup

Amit Pundir pundiramit at
Wed Apr 22 12:14:38 CEST 2009

>> I'm stuck at setting up openmoko build environment on my machine.
>> I tried the instructions on openmoko wiki but it seems they are broken.
>> I'm relatively new to openmoko/openembedded and bitbake so its quite
>> difficult for me to debug the things at my side.
>> It would be great if someone can verify the build instructions used by
>> me as they are present at openmoko wiki.
>> ---------------------------------------------
>> I first tried the instructions given here,
> The page is wrong. I'll fix it. It should be
> DISTRO = "openmoko"
> You'll also probably have better results if you switch to the
> fso/milstone5.5 branch of OE.
> Angus

Thanks to Angus for updating the wiki, though it took some time but I
successfully built the fso-image.

Amit Pundir

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