Use my GSM from my laptop via USB (or BT, wifi) ?

Al Johnson openmoko at
Thu Apr 23 12:03:16 CEST 2009

On Thursday 23 April 2009, kimaidou wrote:
> Hi list
> Many great applications allow us to use the freerunner as a device for the
> laptop :
> * simulate a bluetooth GPS receiver : BtGps
> * use the freerunner as a GPRS modem : GprsModem :
> * use the freerunner as a Wi-Fi Hotspot Access Controller : CoovaChili :
> * use the fr as a remote control : ReMoKo :
> * etc.
> I would like people to tell me about the feasibility to use the GSM chipset
> from my laptop. What I want to be able to do is to
> * use one of the 3 connections : USB, Wifi or bluetooth between my laptop
> and my freerunner
> * start or answer a regular GSM call (not sip)
> * use my laptop speakers (or headset pluged in the out pin of my laptop)
> and the laptop microphone instead of those of the freerunner
> This way
> * we would be able to call "hands free" while working or surfing
> * there would be no buzz for the remote person talking to you
> * we could have a full answering machine software
> * etc.
> So my question are :
> * Is it feasible ?

Yes, probably several ways. 
1) PC behaves as a bluetooth headset, no changes needed on moko.
2) IIRC someone has already done dbus message forwarding over the USB 
connection, which would give the computer access to the FSO API. You can 
certainly forward X over ssh and display the app UI on the connected computer, 
or use VNC to take remote control. Audio forwarding by bluetooth/esd/pulse.
3) Configure asterisk on the moko so that it does what you want. This would be 
an extension of Nicola's work on making asterisk a VoIP client and possible 
answerphone on the moko. Connect to asterisk using a SIP or IAX client on the 
PC, and initiate/answer GSM calls through it.

> * Has someone the skills, time and will to develop some scripts or full
> software to do it ?

I think there's already an app to do 1. I might be tempted to look at 3 but 
probably not in the near future.

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