Use my GSM from my laptop via USB (or BT, wifi) ?

kimaidou kimaidou at
Fri Apr 24 16:35:53 CEST 2009

Ok, so I tested the software *nohands*  very quickly (you need to compile it
since there is no package), and it worked great with an Ericson mobile phone
! I managed to connect to it, dial and load a call. I still have to figure
out how to configure the audio part of nohands.

So I found the tool to emulate my laptop as a BT headset. Checked !

Now I will need your help guys to connect my "virtual" bt headset to the
freerunner (and route sound)

thanks in advance

2009/4/24 kimaidou <kimaidou at>

> Hi
> On another post on the mailing list, one user found this software :
> I have not tested it yet, but it seems to be exactly what I was looking for
> :
> *It allows your Linux system to act as a speakerphone for your mobile
> phone. It aims to be a compliant Bluetooth HFP 1.5<>
> * *Hands Free implementation, supporting all required commands and
> notifications, as well as streaming audio. *
> If it works (which would be great), the last thing I will need is some
> strong help to use my virtual bt headset (my pc) during calls from the
> freerunner. As I said, I found 2 projects of applications for managing BT :
> * NokoBtm :
> * Shrbluetooth :
> But they are still "work in progress"
> As it is  very hard to compute all the emails speaking about connecting bt
> headset to the freerunner, could anyone who knows how to do it write a
> "step-by-step" tutorial for this ?
> Thanks in advance
> Kimaidou
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