Openmoko Bug #2216: Call = there is no sound

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Sun Feb 1 15:09:56 CET 2009

#2216: Call = there is no sound
 Reporter:  octavsly  |          Owner:  openmoko-devel                
     Type:  defect    |         Status:  new                           
 Priority:  high      |      Milestone:  Om2008.12                     
Component:  unknown   |        Version:  GTA02v6                       
 Severity:  major     |       Keywords:  call, mute, no sound, no audio
 Haspatch:  0         |      Blockedby:                                
Estimated:            |    Patchreview:                                
 Blocking:            |   Reproducible:                                

Comment(by mzanetti):

 For me, this happened after some hours of uptime. Sometimes already after
 10 mins of uptime. The very first phonecall after rebooting was working
 most of the times.

 Anyways, I have been able to work around this issue by using Korbinian's
 workaround for the openmoocow-not-mooing issue. It consists basically of
 switching speech-dispatcher from alsa to oss. After switching, all 2008.12
 sound issues are gone - at least on my FR.

 See this URL for a detailed description:

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