usbnet - MAC and sequential interfaces

Joel Newkirk freerunner at
Tue Feb 3 00:23:35 CET 2009

Is there any (simple) way to force an unchanging MAC for usb0 on the
FreeRunner?  I want to experiment with using DHCP on usb0 while bridging
eth0 and usb0 on the host, but without a static MAC address it's hard to
ensure a static IP from DHCP, making SSH to the FR awkward.  It would be
convenient for example if the MAC on usb0 were the same as the MAC on eth0
with just the OID changed.  (first three octets) (Motorola does this on
wireless broadband gear - the MAC address of a unit is the same with just
0a 1a 2a at the start indicating ethernet, RF mgmt, RF client port)

Possibly related (though I suspect not) - why does it show up as a new
device each time it's plugged into a host?  The interface increments each
time it's plugged in (usb0 is the 12th network device on my ubuntu host
right now) which is particularly irritating with Windows hosts, that want
to install rndis driver anew each time they find a "new" device.


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