Xorg / Glamo ?

Thomas Seiler thseiler at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 11:20:37 CET 2009

Hi christopher,

> So if anyone who has a working build feels like being heroic, please
> feel free to make a tarball and seed it out on bittorrent :)

Actually I would be very interested in finding a solution to flatten
this  learning curve...
and also the time needed to start hacking...

But OE as such is not relocatable i.e. you can not move it to a
different directory (I think the reason is mainly the cross toolchain
which has some pathes to the lib compiled into the binaries. So even
if someone did package up this working oe tree, you would need to
untar it precisely to the same location...

Question: Is is possible to configure bitbake to use the
meta-toolchain in /usr/local/openmoko instead of building its own
private one ?


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