Xorg / Glamo ?

Rod Whitby rod at whitby.id.au
Wed Feb 4 12:43:46 CET 2009

Christopher Friedt wrote:
> I was just checking out another thread, between Rod & Graeme, and the
> 'official' changeover to OpenEmbedded Git is still underway.
> That being said, it's probably still safe to update most parts of the
> wiki. For example, I can rearrange the OpenEmbedded page slightly,
> keeping some incentive to use MokoMakefile at the top and just refer
> to the MokoMakefile page there as well.
> Rod - you're maintaining the MokoMakefile wiki page, right? Could I
> ask you to make a small note until the official changeover to OE Git
> is complete?

Actually, anyone is free to add useful information to that wiki page.

What were you expecting to be added?  The wiki pages says that
MokoMakefile builds the Om.x distros, and that you should use the FSO
Makefile if you want to build FSO (which is what you will be building if
you move from git.openmoko.org to git.openembedded.org).

-- Rod

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