WLAN: known issues and how to help - uptime test - more results

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Sun Feb 8 04:21:39 CET 2009

Philip Rhoades wrote:
>> Could you please also do an iwlist scan when WLAN is happy and
>> again when it isn't ?
> Done.

Thanks ! Only one AP after you lose connectivity. This almost
certainly means that you hit the/an assertion.

I reported this to Atheros when we first ran into it but haven't
gotten a clear response on the issue yet. Maybe next week. From what
I've heard from others, this is a known issue.

If you could run a kernel with the WLAN debugging patch, that would
confirm the diagnosis and would indicate if the firmware blows up at
a place different from what I saw in my channel change experiments.

- Werner

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