WLAN: known issues and how to help - uptime test - more results

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Sun Feb 8 04:29:08 CET 2009

Philip Rhoades wrote:
> I flashed the images but on booting the FR stalls on the OM logo . .

Hmm, strange. It should at least clear the screen. There's no GUI or
anything, though - you have to connect via USB. Whether the kernel
displays anything on the console depends on the boot loader settings.

Did you use the SD card image or the JFFS2 rootfs ? Are you using Qi
or u-boot ?

Here are the checksums:

fa0bc5ce0024adc3f6e1a3520f1bc92c  wlan-trial-20090206.jffs2
a397d01d70ff368da245f3464c232dc1  wlan-trial-20090206.sd_image.bz2
bffe2d783b14da3b59e07493653946ac  wlan-trial-20090206.uImage

8a283c6edc8e3866ec9369f2877af2b0eba2d7f4  wlan-trial-20090206.jffs2
d6ec6be31ffdc02117e35a505856184f264b28d0  wlan-trial-20090206.sd_image.bz2
e67fc24e45c3d961dfa1a39258744bf62921b8fd  wlan-trial-20090206.uImage

- Werner

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